Don’t worry, you’re not drunk. THU stays in Portugal but Andre Lourenço, the man behind the project, will join us in Zagreb in May.

It is important to say that “Trojan Horse was a Unicorn” (THU) project was a big motivation for us. While we were still preparing 4th edition of the “Judgment Day Festival” in 2014 (before it expanded into IFCC) we were in the middle of process of implementing new elements into festival program, such as workshops, live talks and so on. We weren’t sure if we were reaching to high. You know, it’s not so easy to bring all those experts from around the world, all at once. Then we saw that promo video from THU 2014 and said “hey, those guys did just that. It’s possible!”. The result was THIS.

One year later we decided to invite THU to join us at IFCC 2015 so they can tell you their story. We are really happy to have Andre Lourenço as one of our guest. This is what he said:

“It has been so exciting to see how Trojan Horse was a Unicorn (THU) has inspired so many people over the last few years. We are really now beginning to see how our goal of sharing experiences and knowledge with other hungry and passionate artists is taking shape in other events and meet-ups around the world. It really is an honour to have been invited to share my experiences with IFCC, and I look forward to meeting the team, making new friends, and catching up with the speakers – many of whom have become family!”

So if you want to know more about THU before you decide to attend it – this will be the right opportunity for you. If you’re lucky, you’ll get your 5 minutes with Andre.

But that’s not all. Andre will also be one of the judges at The Game Challenge 2015 so be sure to submit your work there. If you’re very good you might be invited as one of the speakers for THU 2017. Everything’s possible in this crazy virtual world.

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