Tamara Milenković:
I just wanted to say thank you for all that you’ve done, and for keeping the IFCC dream alive. There are no words that can describe the happiness of my artists, and how much we’ve enjoyed having the IFCC experience, especially meeting other fellow artists, and great lecturers :) Honestly, we didn’t know what to expect in Zagreb, but IFCC blew us all away, especially the huge amount of positive energy, and people being extra friendly and nice (thanks guys & girls!). Insomnia does pay off at IFCC :D We are grateful, and motivated to share what you’ve given to us – endless positive energy, and motivation to continue with creating THE amazing art. See you next year! :D P.S.: I would like you to explain one thing: how can I fast forward time to get to the next year’s IFCC faster? Please, help, I can’t listen any longer about artists wanting to hybernate for a year, and just wake up in Zagreb :D

Todor Hristov:
IFCC has proven to be the best experience in my life. Cant wait for the next IFCC 2017!!!

Paul Canavan:
This is the sort of event which changes people. Super relaxed, super friendly and full of good people, good information and good beer. I cannot wait for next year.

Atey Ghailan:
It was my first experience at IFCC, it was so much fun to do a demo and share my journey with such amazing and talanted artists, it was also so easy to walk up and talk to anyone, it been a long time since i had so much fun and i hope i get invited next year!

Veronika Stehr:
Thanks for the wonderful experience IFCC! So much inspiration in such a short period of time, and people were amazing – creative and full of positive desire for sharing knowledge! I’m so happy that I was part of this great festival! See you next year :)

Jordy Wedding:
This was my very first international as well as creative ‘festival’. I decided to take my girl for the ride with me and we both enjoyed it very much. I met some artists I looked up to *heavy breathing, and met some amazing ones I didn’t even know off. Also, the other attendees were very layed back, the atmosphere was chill and everybody came for the same thing: LEARNING AND GETTING AWESOME. I will definitely be back next year, but will book a somewhat more central AirBNB though. Get on the IFCC train peeps, suck up all that creative juice!

Aleksandra Zhelyazkova:
‪#‎ifcc‬ has been so rad!!! Had an amazing time!

Marc-Alexandre ROBBE:
I had a tons of fun during that event: got to meet the artists I look up to in person, learned a lot from them, and made a lot of new friends. The content was tremendous, both in number and quality, not to mention the setting was great. I would definitely go back if ever get the chance.

Sonja Brstilo:
Thanks to IFCC team for bringing us to Croatia all those great artists from all over the planet to the one place and giving us a chance to meet each of them personally ,to learn amazing art tips and to share the experience. It was amazing..wow…love IFCC! See you again next year ! :) Thank you!

Andrea Vincze:
This is gold.

Steven Cormann:
Thank you for this amazing week Marko and the whole crew. I can say that this event actually changed my life, considering the people I met and the opportunities that resulted of it. I’m definitely coming back next year ! (as a speaker ? You said it the other night, but maybe we were drunk haha). Anyway I’m coming back for sure. Thanks so much

Dora Ingrid Perković:
Thanks everyone for being your charming, friendly, inspiring, lovely selves! IFCC was a blast! I’m super grateful for all the new friendships, inspiring discussions and laughter we shared. IFCC was and always will feel like a second home because of all of you.

Mohammad Qureshi:
2016 is the first year I have attended IFCC. My overall experience has been nothing but amazing. Having the chance to meet all the great artists out there I inspire to me and meeting new artists was a once in a lifetime experience. I know and hope there IFCC will continue, but if you haven’t gone, you MUST. I received valuable critique for the work I showed friends and professionals, networked with industry artists and connected with them on a social level.

Robert Šimić
Just to be short, IFCC was the best thing of my artistic life! I have never met so many good, warm-hearted and inspiring people in one place. I have made such good connections with people and had the chance to meet my biggest idols, to chat and go drinking with them. It’s an event that really made the artist inside of me feel like home for the first time and I’m so grateful for that! Can’t wait for next year!!!

Darko Marković:
Phenomenal event, so much positive energy and enjoyment. Marko and his team made it great, shows were on the time and whenever we needed something someone would be there to help. Definitely something that should be pushed even further in the near future – because artists crave for manifestation like this.

Milan Nikolić:
Awesome festival with so much art and love in the air!

Svetlin Velinov
Such rich and colorful memories already popping up in my mind. Not that#IFCC2016 was too long ago, but it passed so quick, like a breath and now I’m eager for more. My mind overflowing with memories about well spent time with friends, memories about meeting remarkable and inspirational artists, making new friendships and making my debut as a speaker… for a first time ever. I don’t know was it a success or a failure but I’ll keep this emotional memories as one of my most precious. Thanks to all who came to my “How to be a star” lecture! Thanks to Marko and all the team behind the organisation this will happen again! Looking forward to the new challenge.

Vladimir Stojsavljević:
Awesome atmosphere, awesome volunteers, awesome artists! :) Both lectures and hanging out with IFCC participants were priceless. I would recommend to everyone who has opportunity to visit IFCC next year. See you all next year!

Marko Karovic:
The event was grand, great talkers, relaxed atmosphere, everyone was approachable, from stars of the industry to the event staff. Enjoyed it enough to spend 8 hours each day listening to the various informative panels and talks. Will come again if the quality stays or improves!

Raphaël Villegas y Gutierrez
One of the best moment of my life! I’ve meeting a lot of peoples, partying every night and received a lot of advice from the best artists. It’s really a place where you have to be, and for sure I plan come back the next year ! Thank you!

Sergey Samarskiy
As always, it was amazing experience! I met old friends and made new. Besides, I had opportunity to show my works to industry professionals and received detailed feedback. It was truly helpful and inspiring event! I will come next year for sure! Cheers!

Aris Kolokontes:
Life changing experience!! And i don’t say that lightly! I’m left with only Good memories from the IFCC Croatia 2016! I met a lot of my internet friends and also made new ones! Loved the fact that so many creative people gathered in one place. Learned a lot about my self in the process. A Special Thanks to Marko Zets Prpic for the invitation and the whole IFCC team for the hospitality and flawless organization! I really do hope to come again next year!

Benjamin Vukovic:
Great festival! A lot of great artist, quality lectures, advices, motivational speeches, nice people from all around the world. Also a lot of socializing with the professionals (thnx for the time to talk to everyone). C’ya next year :)

George Marnero:
This was one of the most amazing weeks in my life.I`ve learned so much and met so many awesome people.Thank you,for making this event! Cheers!!!

Darko Stojanovic:
Attending IFCC was one of those life – changing experiences. Being surrounded by amazing and radiant people, artists, friends – it cannot be summed in a few lines. It must be experienced.

Lorenzo Tosi
IFCC has been an amazing experience. First time for me this year, I’ve met beautiful people I already knew from the industry and new ones, became friend with great artists that I’ve always admired so much, and got back with tons of inspiration. This event must go on, Zagreb is a lovely city and the locals are adorable people. I would like that was more than one IFCC a year, is never enough!

Ivan Blazetic Sumski
IFCC is a great event, I personally learned a lot, it definitely spread my horizons and helped me to see where I want to go with what I do, I saw so many possibilities there. Another thing is that people really shared the knowledge without holding back, this sharing atmosphere is something that is the best of this festival, as another nice thing; we had a lot of fun together during the days of the festival and some nice friendships were made. Thank you IFCC team!

Sergey Punchev:
My motivation for the entire year!

Darijan Kalauzovic:
It was an amazing experience, not only we you able to meet your favorite artists face to face but you could easily talk about anything in the world. Where else could you do that. Its an amazing festival I’m surely not going to miss it next year.

Alen Mušić:
Had a blast on IFCC and big KUDOS to Marko Zets Prpic for bringing so many talent in one place. I’m sad that I missed Alf Martin Løvvold after presentation but hopefully we will meet somewhere in Norway. I’m really glad I met some new talents on the way. Kristina Bilota, that girl can only go up. Brajan Martinović undiscovered multi-talent dude… you rock with the game Mars Police. Veljko Popovic and Milivoj Popovic are so open minded people, really enjoyed my time with them on and off stage. I also want to mention amazing presentations by Aris, Esad, Scott, David, Justin, AJ, Even, Jasper. I’m speechless. Cheers!

Jort van Welbergen:
Guys, absolutely loved my time in Zagreb last week. Thanks so much for making this happen, I know how much trouble it is. See you next year! Cheers!

Gabriela Mihaela Borta
IFCC was a life-changing experience for me. It’s so strange to be around of so many unknown and new people yet to feel like being part of a big, warm family. I’ve had a huge motivation boost to continue on my art journey, received extremely constructive feedback from people I admire and befriended them, made a lot of new and amazing friends, drew in other people sketchbooks and received a lot of nice drawings with motivational writings in mine :) . I can’t wait to see everybody again at the next IFCC to be again part of this huge, heart-melting family :)

Maria Zborovska:
IFCC 2015 was important kick-start for me as a beginner artist. Huge inspiration pool, many different approaches from different experts in the field, IFCC experience just totally helped me to understand on what I need to focus and thank to that I dived into more personal training. Not long after I was given amazing opportunity to work on one Slovakian animated movie project. Still very tiny steps, but totally worth it! Thank you IFCC, will be coming back :)

Kristina Bilota:
IFCC has been an groundbreaking experience for me. Festival encourages us to open ourselves and socialize with others by sharing out work and experiences, exchange ideas, learning from each other and having tons of fun. It will motivate you to work harder and inspire you to become better in art and life.

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