Submit your work for the Judgment Day Awards

The main idea behind the Judgement Day Awards is to reward authors. So, when filling out the application form remember that the author is the person who is most responsible for a particular work and she or he would be the one who will win the award. Of course, all other collaborators will be respectively mentioned.

To keep everything running like clockwork please pay attention to the technical requirements while submitting the work. When completing the submission form make sure to correctly fill out all of the required information for the submitted work or upload a working internet address of your competing work so the jury selection can be performed smoothly.

When registering for the Newcomer category students must include the name of school and/or university at which they study.

The registration of the first work is free, but each subsequent submission by the same author requires a donation of 75 HRK or 10 EUR.

If you have any questions regarding the completing of the application form or uploading works please contact us at [email protected].

Technical Requirements

When submitting images please pay attention to the following technical requirements:

  • JPG / RGB / 72 dpi (no .zip files please)
  • Required width size: 1200 px
  • Maximum (single image) file size: 750 KB
  • Maximum (all images together) upload size: 4500 KB

If your submission contains video and/or audio material please use Youtube, Vimeo and Soundcloud service to upload your materials after which you will paste links into application form.

Note the URL address of your work (audio, video or web site) has to be valid and functional until 30th of May 2015.

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