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BEFORE YOU PURCHASE: Be aware that this is the ticket for the IFCC 2020 ONLINE program, not the real-life event (click here). Although the actual real-life event is not canceled, because of the COVID-19 and the recent earthquake that has hit Croatia’s capital Zagreb (click here), we have paused the ticket sales for it until we know for sure that we’ll be allowed to proceed with the event.

This is why we have come up with the IFCC 2020 ONLINE program, which guarantees that the top quality content will be delivered to all IFCC attendees and fans. By purchasing IFCC 2020 ONLINE ticket you will help us make the online program bigger and better and you will also get full lifetime access to all of the IFCC 2020 ONLINE content and special bonus content which we’ll inform you about very soon (online courses by top professionals and similar). Be aware, because of all the recent events, that new instructors will be added to the list while some of the existing ones might be removed. The ONLINE program will offer a lot more educational content than what the real-life event could. Reserve your seat today. Oh yes, discounts are available for students and those in a bad financial situation.

Those who have already purchased the ticket for the actual real-life event will get full lifetime access to all of the IFCC 2020 ONLINE content and a special Boonika Membership which includes A FULL YEAR access to existing and the upcoming online courses (click here), digital downloads (photo references, 3D models, brushes…) and a lot more.

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IFCC is short for “Independent Festival of Creative Communication”. Its primary goal is to promote authorship and creativity through education and rewarding, especially in the field of art and design within the entertainment industry, publishing, and advertising.

IFCC ONLINE will be focused on educational videos, live streams, portfolio reviews and the promotion of the attendees who are looking for new opportunities.

IFCC Show-Off is maybe the most important part of the program because attendees get the chance to have their portfolio reviewed by the industry’s top professionals. Instead of doing it on IFCC stage, which is how it’s done in the real-life event, they will get the chance to do it virtually instead.


DATES > May 25th 2020 9:00 am – May 30th 2020 11:45 pm

LOCATION > The content will be delivered at https://ifcc-academy.com/



  • We don’t offer refunds for deposits or any type of partial payments. Refunds are only possible when purchasing tickets at full price (one-time payment).
  • If canceling your ticket prior to the event 90 days or more, we will refund 60% of the ticket value.
  • If canceling your ticket prior to the event 61 days or more, we will refund 30% of the ticket value.
  • If canceling your ticket prior to the event 60 days or less, we will not refund you.

Please read all the Terms and Conditions before you purchase the IFCC ticket.

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