Marko Djurdjevic at IFCC 2016

Marko Djurdjevic at IFCC 2016

Do you like DEGENESIS?

Of course you do. That was a real dumb question to ask. Well guess what – Marko Djurdjevic, legendary art director, illustrator, founder of Sixmorevodka and the mastermind behind Degenesis project will join us in Zagreb at IFCC 2016 from 23rd to 28th of May. Don’t you dare to miss this opportunity to listen what he has to teach you. Of course, it is impossible to learn his superpowers but he might share a trick or two with you. Now visit links bellow and enjoy spectacular world of Degenesis. Oh shut up and concentrate. Cheers!

What more to say about Marko?

Maybe it would be best if we would just quote one of the best living illustrators Brad Rigney:

“I’d go to war for this dude. Hands down the best Art Director I’ve ever worked for. Being trusted to not only illustrate an iconic character like Falberg, but help retweek some of his design elements? Career high for me.”

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