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IFCC Gallery Program 2018



this year's event is ushering in something fresh - the IFCC Gallery Program. The program will include exhibitions, live drawing sessions and other goodies. It will present a great opportunity to see amazing artwork from a totally different perspective and we are hoping you will join the program as one of the exhibitors. You don't have to come to IFCC to exhibit your works there. Just fill out the form below and wait to see what happens next. We'll be in touch sooner than you think. Unfortunately, we have limited gallery space so we won't be able to exhibit all the artworks. We're sure you understand.

# The Greatest Exhibition - Submit your artwork today

Attending lectures, demos and workshops is our favorite way to learn something new. But we all know that there's nothing like a good old exhibition where we the artists meet to celebrate works of other artists. Mingling, drinking and singing, while admiring some of the most amazing examples of traditional and digital work, both 2D and 3D.
J.A.W. Cooper, Eliza Ivanova, Esad Ribic, Marko Djurdjevic, Jama Jurabaev, Josan Gonzalez, Nekro, Robbie Trevino, Even Mehl Amundsen... and many others, including - you. Be a part of the 2018 IFCC Gallery Exhibit Program and a part of one of the most amazing art events on the planet. Your work will be admired by the funky IFCC crowd, including recruiters from various companies and some of the most influential creatives around. Send us your Artstation or another portfolio as soon as you can and we'll be in contact with you shortly.
IFCC 2018 will be all about learning, teaching and finding the best possible choice for your career. We're partners with amazing art schools, top creative studios and thousands of professionals worldwide. Even if you can't visit the event, you can still be involved with that one thing that describes you best - your art. So don't spend a second longer thinking about it, just do it, send us your portfolio page and we will let you know if your artworks were selected. It will take just a few minutes of your time. There's nothing to lose and a plenty to gain.
Both the festival and the gallery program take place in your favorite city with a weird name, at locations you've come to know and love, at the festival where knowledge rules, but hanging out at the bar with a pad and pen is a close second. Some festivals have the numbers. Others the recognition. But what we pride ourselves on the most is the positive and inclusive atmosphere. We try to make the work fun and you guys repay us with smiles and good times. This year's speaker line-up and program are getting steadily crazier, but that's nothing new. Every year we go full on and far out. We wouldn't want you to miss it and it wouldn't be the same without you. Come on down to IFCC 2018!

What should I submit?
You can submit anything you want but have in mind that we'll first pick from works that are already submitted for one of the last three TGW Challenges. You still have time to participate.

How many times can I submit works?
There is no limit but we suggest that you stick to that one work that you like the most.

# SIXMOREVODKA Exhibition Opening

We are very happy to invite you to the opening of the SIXMOREVODKA exhibition which will be a part of this year's IFCC Gallery Program. It is still a secret what Marko Djurdjevic and his SMV crew members will exhibit at the Forum gallery, but we really hope that at least a fraction of it will be related to their Orken project.

Live Drawing Sessions with Rembert Montald and João David Fernandes

Live Drawing Sessions will be a great addition to this year's Gallery Program. We had live art performance the previous years, but this will be the first time that attendees will be able to participate. We have to warn you right away - the number of seats will be very limited. Sessions like these are not designed for a large audience. Stay tuned and make sure to subscribe to our newsletter because soon you will be invited to reserve your spot. In the meantime read the answers to some of the questions you might be asking yourself.
What will I learn at these drawing sessions?
Energy > Anatomy & Structure > Mannequin > Putting it all together
Who can attend?
Artists of all levels. Drawing is nothing but repeating the basics. You never master drawing life.
Who is it for?
Anyone who is interested in visual storytelling, human anatomy and the way that body moves.
How are the sessions structured?
Each session consists of 1 hour of theory + 1,5-2 hours of practicing poses in 2-10 min intervals.
How many times will the session be repeated?
Two or three times.
What art materials do I need?
Preferably a pencil without an eraser and different colored pastels.
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