IFCC 3Q Interview // Milivoj Popovic

1. How did you get started in your field and what advice can you offer enthusiasts and beginners?

I started back in the Amiga/Commodore days when it was all just fun and the PC was for boring office work! :) My involvement with computers evolved through the years to become what it is for me today – a way of making a living doing what I love to do.
My advice would be follow your “glowing gaze”. Find where your passion lies and stick with it! Don’t be afraid of new things and new software and new ways of doing things.

2. What was your favorite project so far and why?

It’s hard to single out projects, they are all great in their specific way. I love storytelling through images so I would like to single out Stipe in Trouble (http://milivojpopovic.com/#stipe-in-trouble) and Moses – the beginning (http://milivojpopovic.com/#moses-the-beginning). I love working on my personal projects ’cause they are a lot of fun and an opportunity to learn. Regarding moving images,  I really enjoyed working on She Who Measures. This is one of my favorite projects (http://lemonade3d.com/#277).

3. How will you be involved in IFCC 2015 and what do you expect from the festival?

I’ll be sharing some of the stuff i learned in my 10+ years in the industry and some tricks and tips in Zbrush. That will be my professional input. Socially I’m looking forward to just having a laugh and a great time exchanging good energy with people. Building on last year’s awesome experience I expect the festival to be packed with knowledge, good food, good people and good times! I am very much looking forward to it!

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