IFCC 3Q Interview // Mathias Zamęcki

1. How did you get started in your field and what advice can you offer enthusiasts and beginners?

I have 3 years experience in the game and animation fields. After a 1 year course of VFX and 3D animation I started working as a concept and character artist in a small mobile game company. After that I start working at the Juice/Platige Image art department.
I can offer the following advice: if you are looking for quick money change industries. First, there is so much work you must put in to develop your skills, only then will you slowly start to get some work. My best advice is work hard! And be nice a person.

2. What was your favorite project so far and why?

So far the most exiting project I worked on was the “War Thunder” cinematic. I made 4 or 5 key visuals for the project. I’m currently working on something exciting but it won’t be released until next year so I can’t talk about it yet.

3. How will you be involved in IFCC 2015 and what do you expect from the festival?

I will probably be doing a live demo on environment design and how to use 3D+2D to achieve a realistic or stylized vibe quickly. I hope that IFCC will be another great European event and I can’t wait to pick up on and add some positive energy that is always present at these events.

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