IFCC 3Q Interview // Even Mehl Amundsen

1. How did you get started in your field and what advice can you offer enthusiasts and beginners?

I got started with the whole drawing shtick way back when, because someone has to do pirate-ship-drawing-duty in the family, and as tradition dictates, the duty falls to the youngest. As for getting started in the industry I started doing a little freelance during my first year in color, and after dropping out, I was lucky enough to be picked up by the good folks at Volta, who took me abroad  to Quebec, where I have spent the last 3 years. Now I live in Prague, freelancing and causing mischief.

2. What was your favorite project so far and why?

Right now, my favorite project is my own little brain fart, Vølurheim (example), the fictional magic school in the Harry Potter universe I am doodling around with. Reasons are quite simple, great amounts of artistic freedom and getting to make viking wizards! As commercial projects go, getting to work on Warhammer and Warhammer 40k for Games Workshop is the most fun I have had.

3. How will you be involved in IFCC 2015 and what do you expect from the festival?

I am doing a presentation, will be presenting my basic work flow and showing off some of my viking ways. From the workshop as a whole I am looking forward to meeting a bunch of new folks, put some faces to names, learn a bunch, and help out any way I can.

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