IFCC 3Q Interview // Edon Guraziu

1. How did you get started in your field and what advice can you offer enthusiasts and beginners?

I always drew as a kid but really got into Concept Art 3 years ago when I started my Game Design study. But after 2 years I felt that school didn’t steer me in the right direction so I quit, and went my own way.

What I really advice to those just starting is go learn the fundamentals, these include: Perspective, Anatomy etc. Read books and find out everything about what you like most!

2. What was your favorite project so far and why?

I had to design and develop weapon concepts for a short film (in the making). This work included designing scifi weapon props under art-direction and eventually modelling them in 3D before they got Printed. It really pays of to see your work come to life.

3. How will you be involved in IFCC 2015 and what do you expect from the festival?

I hope I can provide the slightest inspiration and help during my workshop demo. But overal I really look forward to meeting all the amazing artists out there in Zagreb!

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