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25th – 30th May 2015

It is THE ticket or MUST HAVE ticket. With this ticket you will have access from May 25th to 30th to everything. That everything includes, recruitment, live demos, lectures, video projections, workshops, exhibitions and much more.


Yes, we give discounts :)

If you’re looking for a €50 discount then just submit your work for this year’s Judgment Day Awards. After that just send us a message and you’ll receive a discount coupon code. That’s really all you have to do. Be aware that we don’t give money back to those who bought full price ticket first and then decided to submit works for JDA 2015.

Also please contact us soon if you are looking for a discount for group buys (studios, art/design organizations and other). Discounts for students are also available. Be sure to reserve your airline tickets and hotel/hostel rooms early enough. Why pay more, right?

DAY TICKETS – for those who can’t stay too long (festival program coming soon)

Please check IFCC 2015 program before you purchase. There is a limited number of day tickets available. With any of day tickets you will have access to everything that happens that day except Intensive Workshops. That everything includes, recruitment, live demos, lectures, video projections, workshops and much more. However, have in mind that certain parts of the program have limited number of seats and that festival ticket owners have advantage over single day tickets owners.

Short of cash?

If you have financial problems please contact us and let us know about it. We’ll read every such email and do whatever it takes to help you. If your request gets approved you’ll get a special discount coupon code which you can use to buy cheaper tickets. Please be honest when writing to us. We can’t give discounts to everyone and it would only be fair to give it to those in need.

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