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People are asking us about free tickets. Yep, there will be some but we won’t tell you how to get them – yet. What we will do is reveal the first step in a trying, almost impossible mission of securing those freebies that includes helping us promote IFCC 2015. Want free tix? Well, just download one of these images (or better yet! create your own!), use them for your FB profile pic and drastically improve your chances of getting into IFCC 2015 for free! All used images must contain the IFCC logo. Oh, and even if you’re not gunning for a free entry feel free to use these images to support the IFCC quest and promote this interstellar event. Stay tuned for further instructions.

Don’t forget to link back to https://ifcc-croatia.com/ (in image description) and also, remember to use these hashtags > ‪#‎ifcc‬ ‪#‎ifcccroatia ‬‪#‎morethanafestival‬


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Now this step isn’t really what you were waiting for so if you don’t like it wait some more for step 3. This is just to inform you that maybe there is another way for you. Maybe you want to do something useful for your career and earn your ticket by doing what you like. If so – join THE GAME CHALLENGE 2015.


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You really want that ticket, right? Remember, only two are available. This is what you have to do… and it may sound a bit cheezy but it’s really not. We want to know why you want that ticket. Why do you think that you’re the one who should get the chance? That’s all. Just write explain yourself in a comment. Be honest. We don’t care if you’re poor or rich. We just want to know why is it so important for you to attend IFCC 2015. So, just follow these steps…

  1. Write a message
  2. Provide direct link to your IFCC Facebook profile image (see STEP 1) so we can see when it was uploaded to your profile
  3. Send it all to us – use contact form

That’s it. Good luck!

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