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Boonika Association
Veslacka 23
10000 Zagreb Croatia

That Ugly Video

You asked for it After so many requests that we've received in the past few months, we finally decided to publish it. Yes, it's that forbidden video, THAT UGLY VIDEO from the IFCC 2016 opening ceremony. You can't share it around because it wasn't created for the broader audience. It also wasn't created to promote the IFCC. We did …

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IFCC Subscriptions

An easier way to get your IFCC ticket IFCC Subscriptions are finally available! We understand that IFCC ticket price might seem a bit too high if you're a student or a freelancer. Some of you would much rather choose to pay in smaller parts, in a fixed period of time. That's why we have created IFCC Subscriptions. You can choose between X3 …

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Marko Djurdjevic at IFCC 2016

Marko Djurdjevic at IFCC 2016 Do you like DEGENESIS? Of course you do. That was a real dumb question to ask. Well guess what - Marko Djurdjevic, legendary art director, illustrator, founder of Sixmorevodka and the mastermind behind Degenesis project will join us in Zagreb at IFCC 2016 from 23rd to 28th of May. Don't you …

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Riot Games at IFCC 2016

RIOT GAMES at IFCC 2016 RIOT GAMES at IFCC 2016 / secure your seat before 1st of January 2016 Riot Games art recruiter Kenny Carvalho just informed us that he and his crew will join us at IFCC 2016 from 23rd to 28th of May. So you must be wondering who is coming with him. Well, …

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