Apply for an IFCC Speaker Slot

IMPORTANT! Before you proceed, please be advised that even if you do obtain a speaker slot at the IFCC’s main event, you won’t receive full benefits available to invited speakers. This has nothing to do with you, as we’re sure you’ll be awesome just like all IFCC attendees (except Kevin!), but with accessible budget allocations. If your request gets approved we will supply you with all the necessary details in due time, on time. Good luck!

Being a speaker at IFCC can be a life-changing experience. There’ll be people in the audience who will come in search of new partners, employers or instructors. You’ll be in the perfect position to shine for all those people you hadn’t had the opportunity to bedazzle at the bar. Consider your application patiently and thoroughly as our decision will be informed by what you choose to show and tell us.


Application Form

  • Apply for an IFCC Speaker Slot

  • Please make it as short as possible
  • Image should be 1920x1080 px or any similar dimension which we can crop to fit. This image may be used at the event when announcing your part of the program)
    Max. file size: 50 MB.
  • What type of video output is integrated in your computer/laptop?
  • It is very important that we speak "the same language"
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