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IFCC 2015 offers something to everyone involved in art, design, entertainment, software and mobile apps development, publishing and/or advertising. If you are a CEO of a global game company or just an aspiring artist in the gaming industry looking for a new opportunity, IFCC 2015 is the right place to be. Join us at our one-of-a-kind event in this part of the world. You’ll have a chance to meet colleagues from Croatia and other parts of the world. Think globally, act locally… and globally! Internet time folks. :D

IFCC Academy

So your plan is to participate in IFCC because you want to learn something. Sounds like a good plan. This part of the program is called the Academy for a reason, and it is intended for all of you who have bought IFCC 2015 ticket. It’s purpose is to provide valuable information to our guests and participants. You will learn a lot. Not only about how to use certain tools but how things work on the market as well. Some of the world’s top professionals will share their experiences with you. There’ll be a lot of talk about software, clients, portfolio preparation, self publishing and various other topics. This is your opportunity to take part in workshops that will teach you much about digital and traditional techniques. At the Academy you will also have a chance to talk to all those artists and designers that you admire so much. Don’t wait – secure your ticket now!

B2B/B2C Area

The B2B/B2C Area offers agencies, studios, publishers, managers, producers, CEOs and all who want to present their products and services, or looking for investments, a space and opportunity to do so.

Do you have what it takes to be a top entrepreneur in creative industries? If you do, you should attend the IFCC B2B/B2C Area in order to strengthen your business ties and also experience with consumers.

Business to Business (B2B) and Business to Consumer (B2C) don’t always have to be in the contrast communication. Join IFCC 2015 to talk to your future partners but also use the opportunity to present your service to greater audience. Even if you’re not a company representative and you’re coming armed just with your idea – IFCC 2015 is the right place to be!

Contact us as soon as possible if you wish to attend this part of the program so we can inform other attendees about it on time. If you have any special requests don’t hesitate to ask. We’re here to help.

Meetups and Live Talks

You know what’s great about IFCC? It will bring you other festivals, software companies, startup companies, publishers, creative workers and others. All of them will get equal opportunity to present their best, right in front of your eyes. You’ll get the chance to meet our friends from CEGC, Reboot Develop, THU, Machina, Divit, Bunch, The Foundry and many others.

Don’t forget to join us at Zagreb’s 2nd ZBrush UGM, which will be much bigger that the 1st one. We’re also preparing other meetups but that’s a BIG secret for now so stay tuned.

SHOW-OFF (IFCC recruitment program)

IFCC is not just a place for education. We also like connecting professionals with agents or directly to studios/agencies. If you are a job seeker this is the place to be. Bring your portfolio with you and seize the opportunity to present your work and have it viewed by recruiters who are hiring now!

If you are a recruiter please contact us so we can inform you about all those important tiny little details.

Portfolio reviews

Have your works reviewed by top professionals! IFCC portfolio reviews are the best chance for you to find out where you’re at. Check the following list of professionals that will be at your disposal. These are just some of them:

And many others :)


If you want your portfolio to be reviewed YOU MUST RESERVE YOUR SPOT before you come to IFCC 2015. You can do that by sending us a message trough IFCC contact form and by choosing “PORTFOLIO REVIEWS” in the Subject drop-down list.

You can ask for certain professional to be the one who will check your portfolio. However, that doesn’t mean that it will happen in reality. First 10 who ask for certain professional will get that professional. Others will be passed to another pro.

If you can’t bring prints or your laptop/tablet with you be sure to include ONLY 10 JPG images as a We Transfer link because we won’t accept anything else.

  • Every professional will review max. 10 portfolios
  • Your portfolio will be reviewed only by one professional
  • Prepare yourself and… prepare yourself
  • Bring/submit 5 -10 examples of your best work
  • Prints, big screen tablets are welcome
  • You only have 15 minutes for consulting so pay attention
  • Prepare questions
  • Listen, don’t argue

Judgment Day Awards Ceremony

On Judgment Day, the last day of IFCC, awards will be given to those creative individuals who left indelible mark in the entertainment, publishing, advertising and other industries.

Creative minds from all over the world join Judgment Day Awards to award each other, in 18 categories. Values on which Judgment Day is founded are authorship, independence and fair play. JDA are independent from interest groups and is inspired and driven by creative work as a form of human expression.

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