Judgment Day Awards has the biggest jury ever, made of hundreds of creative folks working in advertising, entertainment industry and publishing, which guarantees impartiality.
By submitting works you’ll become one of them.

Sponsors of Judgment Day Awards 2015

About Judgment Day Awards

On Judgment day, the last day of IFCC, awards will be given to those creative individuals who left indelible mark in the entertainment, publishing, advertising and other industries.

Judgment Day awards professionals in the commercial and non profit sector as well as students. Values on which Judgment Day is founded are authorship, independence and fair play. JDA are independent from interest groups and is inspired and driven by creative work as a form of human expression.

JDA’s main features are awarding creatives by name and a numerous jury which evaluates submissions on-line ensuring objectivity and impartiality. Crisis Centre of Judgment day is officially sworn to promote authorship and craft excellence.

What makes Judgment Day Awards so special?

  • New rules > you can be judged and the judge… and also a jury member, all at the same time
  • Awards for real winners > vocational awards are given to individuals, not to the companies they work for
  • Biggest jury > Grand Jury made of hundreds of members guarantees impartiality
  • Free > Judgement day does not charge application of the first submission
  • Creative police > The organizers themselves monitor, investigate and invite those who have excelled in the creative scene and invite them to participate

PRE-SELECTION JURY – the Pre-selection Jury chooses the works which will enter the finals. The meaning and role of the Pre-selection jury is to choose submissions that stand out in terms of creativity, performance and quality of the profession and remove those that partially or in their entirety don’t meet defined technical requirements.

GRAND JURYmade of hundreeds of creative communications professionals from around the world. Their correct number will be revealed after the judging completion. It is a large jury which assess the works that have entered the finals. Every person who submits work for Judgment Day Awards becomes a member of the Grand Jury.

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