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So, what is IFCC exactly?

IFCC was a great experience for me. It's a great place for people to network, hang out and meet everybody they've been inspired with through the years, and everybody gets to show their artwork and improve it.

David Luong, Blizzard Entertainment

Chaos inside chaos. But everything works, and everyone loves it.

Andre Lourenço, THU

I love IFCC. It's a very unpretencious event for artists, it has a very good vibe, a good community. We want to support this, we like the mood in the city, we like the mood between the atendees, and we think that it's something that's worthwhile.

Marko Djurdjevic, Sixmorevodka

IFCC is really special for the art community. A very intimate conference where everyone gathers together, where both speakers and atendees are all equal, and are all together. That's something that we really believe in and will continue to support.

Kenny Carvalho, Riot Games

My life has changed so much because of IFCC. When you come here and meet all these artists, you notice that everyone's just like you, everyone's trying to get better. And it motivates you to get better. It's amazing and I would recommend everyone to come here.

Danar Worya

This is one of the best networking events I have ever been to. You get to meet people that you wanted to meet from around the world and share art. It's an experience that's hard to put a price on.

Gurmukh Bhasin

I love this place. You get to meet your heroes and talk to them in person.It changed the way I work, and changed the level of the artist I am. So come to IFCC and improve yourself.

Paul Liaw, The Mill

There's so many reasons to be at this festival, it's so awesome. A week of inspiration, meeting great artists, having a lot of fun with them and learning new things. When you walk away from here you're just so pumped up and ready to try a ton of new stuff.

Maxx Burman

Speakers / Instructors / Demo Artists

(the full list of names will be announced soon)

Steve "Spaz" Williams
Peter Han
David Luong
Ahmed Rawi
Bram Sels
Yangtian Li
Lynn Chen
Peggy Chung
Robert Simons
Ayan Nag
Nicolas Gekko
Augusto Ribeiro E Silva
Connor Sheehan
Dax Pandhi
Devin Korwin
Even Amundsen
Ivan Smirnov
Anne Pogoda
Luca Boni
Mike Azevedo
Diego De Almeida Peres
JiHun Lee
Kasia Zielińska

Andrew Baker
Puppeteer Lee
Esther Wu
Miki Montlló
Dario Jelušić
Jude Smith
Ken Fairclough
Annis Naeem
Randy Vargas
Sava Živković
Tomáš Duchek
Trevor Claxton
Amin Faramarzian
Daniele Danko Angelozzi
Tom Paul
Alex Senechal
Aedel Fakhrie
Rafa Zabala
Marek Madej
Darko Mitev
Christian Grajewski
Jakub Javora

Nikola Damjanov
Mia Araujo

Sabrina Suppa
Alina Ivanchenko
Iris Muddy
Mushk Rizvi
Monika Pałosz
Kait Kybar
Zeen Chin
Pablo Munoz G.
Jan Urschel
Alexander Lee
Gurmukh Bhasin
Gabriel Buitrago
Mike Kenji
Mauro Belfiore
Lucas Cuenca
Giorgio Baroni
Johnson Ting
Darko DarMar Marković
Hoi Mun
Damir G Martin
George Brad

Peter Han

My name is Peter, and I have been working professionally as a contract freelance artist and teacher in LA.

Ivan Smirnov

Hello! I come from Russia. I have a decade-long experience in the video game industry as an artist. During this period I had a chance to work with a variety of companies and to contribute to different projects. I'm currently working as a head of Smirnov School.

Kait Kybar

Hi, Kait here. I am an experienced concept artist and illustrator, working in AAA studios and VFX industry, currently living and working in Estonia as a freelancer.

Fatemeh 'Blue Birdy' Haghnejad

I am Fatemeh Haghnejad, you might know me better online as BlueBirdy. I am an illustrator and character designer live and work in Oslo, Norway.

Even Mehl Amundsen

Hi, I am Even Mehl Amundsen, a freelance concept artist from Norway. I have worked for many big studios in the past. I travel a lot, teaching what I've learned and giving advice to newcomers.

Monika Pałosz

My name is Monika Pałosz and I am a senior artist at SIXMOREVODKA Studio, specialized in storytelling, mood, composition, and painting.

Randy Vargas

My name is Randy Vargas a Science fiction & Fantasy Illustrator from Cuba, based in Barcelona, Spain. Most of my work can be found in book covers, videogames, and TCG art. Selected clients include Riot Games, Wild Blue Studios, Valve Corporation, Wizards of the Coast, Mynet inc, etc.

Tomáš Duchek

Hi, my name is Tomas Duchek. I'm a freelance concept artist and illustrator, and I've worked on Kingdom Come: Deliverance. I currently live and work in the Czech Republic where I also teach from time to time. I'm ready to teach you something as well.

Bram Sels

My name is Bram. I'm a Visual Development Artist and Art Director from Belgium, currently art directing for Axis Studios. I will join you at the next IFCC to give you a hint or two on how to improve your skills, and what is needed to get hired in a big studio.

Marek Madej

My name is Marek Madej. I currently work as a Senior Concept Artist at CD Projekt Red. In the past, I have worked for Platige Image, Metropolis Software, Ars Machina, Privateer Press, Paizo Publishing, and many others.

Miki Montlló

My name is Miki Montlló. I am a comic artist and a visual development artist, freelancing from Barcelona. In the past, I have worked for Dargaud, Cartoon Saloon, Laika, Headless, and Blizzard. I am also the creator of the comic saga Warship Jolly Roger.

Dario Jelušić

My name is Dario Jelusic and I am working as an illustrator and concept artist in the game industry. Some of the projects I've worked on include Mortal Kombat 11 and Star Wars Jedi: The Fallen Order.

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